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Just another day of living in the hood?
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in drunk3nsoldier's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
2:43 pm
Well how is everyone.. i've been chillin.. just ate some yummy ass chinese food.. and i got heartburn.. is that bad around my age?.. it sucked and hurt badly.. well i'm better now. i'm going for my driving test soon.. i'm pretty sure now that i'm going to be moving soon.. no idea where yet.. i have to go check out the house myself.. i'm learning more and more about the real estate bussiness while doing this.. esp looking for house's.. you need to check for the beams and stuff see if its good.. New house's are bad since you never know if the foundation is settled or not.. ^^ yep you dont want cracks and leaks going into the basement.. that would be really bad..

well i'm going to have my drivers liscence soon too.. thats gonna be awesome.. my life is becomming better and better.. no matter what i'll still finish my senior year in burncoat.. i dont really wanna drive to burncoat every day though.. that would mean i have to wake up earlier... gahhh..

oh yea my new obsession is with AYUMI HAMASAKI ... GOD SHE IS HOT.. i wanna girl that looks like her... DAMN.. DU MA.. if i could have a girl like her i'd be one happy mother fucker.. she's sooo cutee...

i'll show you a picture of herr

or maybe more then just one but haha yeaaa i'll probally post 2 this time and more laterr haha m lazy


dont be jealous.. just agree with me haha

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
6:44 pm
Fun Nights
damnn i'm so fucking tired right now...yesterday me and most of the boys were chillinn haha it was a "full house" went to the movies.. i chilled with alex most of my time yseterday him and his sister.. alex left his keys in the car hahaha at target the one in lincoln st.. so we waited there until AAA came and unlocked it.. yeaa we went to TGIF with alex and his sister.. went around chilled.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS.. me khiem and thomas us 3 are the same age now.. one more yer until we're all 18 and then off to college.. life goes quick dont you agree?. yeaa i might be going to an incubus concert next month.. that will hopfully be fun.. liek most artists the first album is always the best...

well i have a headache and i need food.. peacee
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
1:55 pm
soo fucking tired
shitt i was out w/ morgan tram n alex .. n ppl

can you say.. Wooh-stuh sucks? there aint really anything to do.. damn morgan and her indian powers..hmm i'm going to move to rutland, no idea when yet.. but i know i am. i'm starving.. and yesterday i was looking for some blank trucker hats.. i guess they dont have any in solompond mall wtf manh.. i heard they got one in auburn..i wanna get one .. and get somthing written in front of it of my likeness... PEACE
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
8:36 pm
Testing out LochJournal
Hey! i'm just testing this program out, maybe you have it maybe you dont. Its been a while since i had a Livejournal and i'm trying to remember how to work most of this shit. Well i'm going to talk about what happened last saturday the fuckk? I went to this Anime Convention in CT

Its On once a year, Next year it might not be up and people are creating fundraisers to save it, its up to about $2500 now, pretty crazy. On saturday i told Khiem, thomas and phi nice and clear, that Girls will want to take pictures of me because i have slanted eyes.. haha.. I was right, not even into 15 minutes at the convention some girl came up to me and asked for my picture. Of course i did haha. I posed with a peace sign and BAM, my picture was tooken, taken. whatever. Thomas told me that, that same girl then asked him and i to pose for her to draw a picture of us.. YAOI i hope you guys know what that means.. Thats fucking sick, and thomas is my cousin. I could never ever do that shit. Yea my day was great. There were some other things that i did there but i shouldnt really right it, Dont want to get Caught.

i'm probally going to go to another Anime Convention this October in Vermont.

Hopfully this time my Costume will be finished and i can Cosplay for my first time.

alright pPpEACE

Current Mood: amused
8:14 pm
First Post
...I Vowed to never make another live journal, but look at me, i just made a new one. If you want to be my friend on LJ go ahead. I wont put anything in private because i'm not afraid to express whatever i want to say. Anyone can see whatever, comment if you want to, good or bad. Don't be a bitch.

Current Mood: accomplished
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